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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
- local time
 6:47, 2/25/2017
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Public Utilities And Services about Jeddah
Airlines transport

Saudi airlines:

The official& authorized transports in Saudi air transportation inside & outside the Kingdom, &its flights have numerous international destinations.

Local registration phone no.920022222



Fly Sama:

Economic-fee airlines set flights all over the world.

Local registration phone no.920005588



Fly Nas:

It's the first &foremost economic-fee airlines, have more than20 local destinations added to several international destinations.

Local registration phone no.920001234


Land transport

Saudi package transport co. (Saptco)

A pioneer bus-transport provides local coverage with high quality services.

Phone no.8001249999



Saudi railways

The only railways in the Kingdom that give way up to Dammam on the Arab Gulf. Many new railways are expected to be built soon to link all the Kingdom's main cities.

Phone no.038714113


Taxi & Car rental

Available around the Kingdom for local transport .There are many automobile firms sell taxis and several car rental canters for who are willing to drive inside &outside the Kingdom.

Water transport

Saudi ports authority

There are many grand ports around the Kingdom that provide many services: freight transport, importation, exportation, harbours &ferries for passengers transport.



Islamic Jeddah port

Phone: +966226471200


King Abdel-Aziz port - Dammam

Phone: +96638583199


Gazan port

Phone: +96673170777


Dhaba port

Phone: +96644321061

phone services

Saudi Telecom (phone service)

The telephone services authorized company in the Kingdom.  Wire phones are in all parts of the country, as well as a number of booths available, whether scattered small booths in the streets operated by the system of pre-paid cards, or phone booths in booth stores.

Local support phone: 907


Mobile service

Saudi telecom (mobile service)

It is mobile phone service (cellular or mobile) network, which provides local &international coverage and offers several options; there is monthly system, as well as the prepaid system. It also provides many other services such as mobile Internet and data transmission, SMS , MMS ,& others.

Local support phone: 902



Mobily (mobile service)

The second best mobile phone service company in the Kingdom Introduction to the company's second solutions (cellular or mobile) in all parts of the UK. It also provides many other services such as mobile Internet and data transmission, SMS, MMS, & others. This company is affiliated with the communications federation company.

Local support phone: 1100



Saudi Zain (mobile service)

The third mobile service company in the Kingdom .It offers both the prior payment system & the monthly payment one. Over all, it provides mobile internet & many interactive services.

Local support phone: 959


Wireless service

Bravo (wireless communications)

It's the only wireless communication service company in the Kingdom. Other than that, it provides access to mobile phones to call any company in the Kingdom.

Phone no.8001243555


Internet service

Saudi telecom (Internet service)

It uniquely provides internet service through either dialing or ADSL service, besides various communication solutions. Many subscribed to it to have an access to internet service.

Local support phone: 902



Integrated communications services (Internet)

This company is providing solutions for the Internet in several regions of the Kingdom via a wireless communications network needless for a telephone line, and many data entry solutions.

Local support phone: 920000788



Go (Internet services)

One of the new companies which have started recently in the Saudi market. It's the first company engaged in the provision of Internet services through WiMAX service. It provides full coverage of the whole kingdom.

Local support phone: 8001161666


Public utilities

Saudi Arabia is an advanced & developing country , where all public utilities &services are available there to meet all needs, including health , education, & recreation services, gardens , parks ,malls, museums, beaches in coastal cities supplied with all services.

There are road net links the entire Kingdom's cities network provided with services for travelers not to get bored.

المنظمة العربية للسياحة

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